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Inspire One Another
in the Pursuit of Progress

It’s simple, Wolf & Hound is committed to the adventurer. Those guided by principle, driven to succeed and devoted to the doors life. Those who refuse to settle.

Wolf & Hound is clothing made for a person who wants to live life at their own pace.

Clothing that brings together a seamless integration of comfort, style, and beauty. Clothing made for everything from the gym to the mountain camp site. Clothing that inspires to live healthy, strong and free. Clothing that helps you move.
Forever Forward.

Wolf & Hound

We aspire to be a brand of the 21st century: 100% online, made in the USA, and without any intermediary. From us to you directly.

We sincerely hope that thanks to you our company will grow and evolve positively.
Welcome to this wonderful adventure. Welcome to Wolf & Hound.